A 20-year tradition…

The delicatessen on Shepherds Bush is the oldest store of the Mleczko chain. It was here that the adventure began, which has been going on for 20 years. Unchanged for two decades, they offer their customers traditional Polish products: meat, cold cuts, dairy products, preserves from Polish producers, but also Polish press such as “Twój Styl”, “Wprost”, “Polityka” and many other widely read titles.

In 2015, something unusual happened. The head of the Mleczko family, Mr. Władysław, a man of inexhaustible energy and charisma, decided to take the next step and in the same building where his first store is located, he opened a bakery with Polish traditional bread. In this way, the largest chain of Polish stores in the UK entered the third decade with a new, unique offer.

Mleczko Bakery, supplying all stores from its chain, offers sourdough, wheat, wholemeal, rye, wholemeal and grain breads, as well as spelt and flour-free breads. The company is very interested in providing products with a natural taste, baked on the basis of proven recipes of ancestors, i.e. traditional pastries. Such bread is healthier, richer in nutrients, especially if it is made of wholemeal or wholemeal flour and additionally enriched with grains, dried fruits or seeds of medicinal plants. An important feature of it is also a long shelf life. Traditional and organic bread does not mold, but naturally stales.

With great care and commitment, bakers introduce new, improved recipes for the production of baked goods. At work, they are guided not only by recipes, but also by the heart. The bakery produces products with a unique taste and smell, thanks to which customers can get to know the real taste of bread. All the enthusiasm and heart of the employees is put into the pastries, so that the consumer can feel satisfaction from every bite. This is what makes these pastries unique.

The store at Shepherds Bush, 23-25 Uxbridge road, is one of the smaller ones in the entire chain. But his great asset is not only the proximity of the company’s bakery, but also the fact that you can meet Mr. Władysław Mleczko here every day, who watches over customers have everything they need and tells amazing stories from his rich life – about his father, an officer of Marshal Piłsudski, about his childhood spent in exile in Russia, his long and difficult journey from Siberia through Iran to the place, where it is located today, here on Shepherds Bush, in the first store of the chain of currently 11 branches, with a smile and energy greeting those entering the shopping.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 7:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00

+44 (0) 20 8932 4487