Variety and convenience

The Mleczko Delicatessen in Hounslow is located in the heart of this London district, where many cultures converge. Poles, however, constitute a significant percentage of the population and that is why this store belongs to one of the most visited by customers from the entire network. Regardless of the time of day or week, the store is always full of people. Certainly not without significance is the fact that behind the building there is a very convenient parking lot. Whole families come for big shopping, even from very distant places. Polish shop is not just a place where you can get fragrant country sausage, fresh bread and tasty cake from the company’s bakery. People often come here to just talk in Polish, read the ads made available in the store and stock up on the Polish press. Many people go a long way to get London’s “Cooltura” and “Panorama”. You can read news from the country and current local affairs that concern immigrants in the UK and promote cultural events with the participation of Polish artists.

The milk in Hounslow is also a special place for the local Muslim population. During Ramadan – a strict fast in Islam, when from dawn to sunset eating meals is prohibited, frequent customers of the chain are Muslims who stock up on Polish dairy products. Especially buttermilk and kefir are very popular among the Muslim community, so Ramadan has been permanently inscribed in the calendar of events. Dairy products available on the web are always of the highest quality, from carefully selected producers and, what is extremely important – stored and transported in appropriate conditions. It must go to stores properly cooled even in the hot summer. The Mleczko chain has its own warehouse in London and its own specialized transport that meets the safety standards of transported products, ensuring their freshness. For this reason, Delikatesy Mleczko, including the store in Hounslow, positively stands out from the competition. Dairy products are imported daily straight from the cold store, transport temperatures are always strictly controlled, thanks to which customers receive products that meet the highest quality standards.

Also, every week fresh vegetables and fruits are delivered here straight from the Polish. Polish customers are looking for native products, and other nationalities know their high quality. They do not contain such a huge amount of preservatives, they still have the smell and taste of Nature, so Polish apples, beets or carrots are among the permanent points on the shopping list. In the network you can get seasonal vegetables: beetroot, early cabbage or ground cucumbers, which are not found in English stores. In the summer, strawberries are a hit, with the quality we remember from childhood. Constant cooperation with selected producers from Polish means that in the Mleczko store you can also buy such rare but sought-after fruits as black and red currants, forest berries, gooseberries or cherries, also Hungarians or other varieties of plums unknown in this part of Europe.

Speaking of high-quality vegetables and fruits, it is also worth mentioning their preserves. One of the brands available in our stores , is Krokus. The manufacturer relies on traditional recipes without using any preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors characteristic of mass production. Preserves are produced as it was once made in our homes according to the recipes from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Opening hours:
Mon- Wed: 7:00 – 21:00
Thu – Sat: 7:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 20:00

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