Convenience and a wide variety of products

Mleczko Deli has become the ambassador of Polish traditional food, focusing on providing a friendly shopping experience to all customers, regardless of the language they speak. Not only Poles appreciate the high quality of the food. Mleczko is becoming increasingly popular among other communities.

Mleczko Deli Acton is located in the heart of this multicultural town. Over 30% of Mleczko’s customers are Lithuanian, Czech, Ukrainian, Romanian, Portuguese, Irish, English, but also Chinese and Japanese and many other nationalities.

High quality dairy produce is one of our customers’ favourites. They are sourced from carefully selected dairies e.g. Czarnków, experienced and passionate producers, who supply a wide range of award-winning products. Their Extra curd cheese “twaróg” is outstanding. Its creamy, smooth and delicate taste has won over many regular customers. Their delicious desserts for kids beat the competition with their very high quality, nutritious value, and natural ingredients. The silky sweet taste is achieved by using fresh cream and cocoa with very little sugar added.

The Chinese value the fresh pork prepared by Mleczko’s own butchers. The tasty Polish bread is the first choice of many Eastern Europeans. Mleczko Acton provides a whole selection of bread, sweet and savoury rolls, buns, and scrumptious cakes not only from their own bakery run by Władysław Mleczko, the company’s founder, but also from other Polish recognised local bakers. Everyone will find a bread to suit their taste.

We have noticed that our British and Irish customer base at Mleczko Acton particularly enjoy our range of Polish specialist charcuteries. Recently, the range has been expanded to include premium cold meats from the Domowa Spizarnia butchery. Their delicious and traditional produce has an authentic and unique taste. Customers can choose from a wide selection of the highest quality cold meats and, at very competitive prices.

Mleczko help their customers make good choices and all the meat products contain detailed information about the content and ingredients. This is what makes the company stand out from the competition.

Opening hours:
Mon- Wed: 7:00 – 21:00
Thu – Sat: 7:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 20:00

Parking information:
Convenient, up to 2hrs free parking nearby.

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